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Straight Bongs

Easy to clean bong

A straight tube bong ( didgeridoo bong) usually comes with an ice slider stem or a built in stem.In fact,new Australian straight bongs come now with a shotty and rubber cap cover so it can be used both ways!!!

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Beaker bong

Best Bongs in the market

Glass Beaker bongs are very popular in Australia, most of them come with thicker glass and sturdy base.Besides,they come with glass stems and glass cone pieces

bong with filters

Bongs With Filters

Smoother smoking experience

American Bongs come with filters like Honeycomb,tar catchers,ice catcher,matrix,UFO,dome percs and tree percs.Their role is to cool down and filter the smoke.

Bong Mania -The Best Bongs online shop in Australia.Buy your glass bong ,grinder,scale ,pipes,stashes & all your smoke accessories.

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Don’t know what to buy ? Check out our blogs and get all the information you need whether you are a beginner or an everyday stoner.

Firstly, you need to pick between filtered (Percs ,tar catchers,honeycomb) and unfiltered bongs.Secondly, you need to pick a shape (beaker,straight,gripper…) that you are comfortable with.Thirdly, you need to pick between small,medium and large bongs

  • Small bongs are portable , best for travels and easy to hide.
  • Medium bongs are the most common size as it is preferred by a lot of smokers.
  • Large bongs are smoother and usually come with a lot of filters.
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