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Clean your bong

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Bong Cleaning

Clean your bong

Nothing feels better than enjoying a hit from a brand new or a clean bong. Besides, the first hit from a brand new cone piece makes you feel like you are on top of a smokey cloud.However, this feeling won’t last as you bong will gradually start building resin.Luckily, we a have the right tools and solutions to maintain the cleanliness of your bong, pipes, stems and cone pieces.

Firstly, you can plan ahead and use REZ block or piece water.Simply, add few drop with your bong water, but sure your bong is clean or brand new and magically no tar ,resin or residue will stick on the glass. This option works best with bent bongs and bongs with filters like (UFO , Matrix, Honeycomb, tar catchers,tree percs and dome percs).

Bongs with Filters are usually harder to clean but smoother to smoke out of. Rez block and piece water are your solution here.

On the other hand, when you use Australian style bongs , you can use Down Under Premium bong cleaner with 3 types of brushes to clean the stems,mouth piece and the bowl.This process should only take you 5 minutes. Moreover, you can add 2 capsful of  premium Down Under  Concentrated  solution to warm water and let it sit in your bong for 4-6 hours.

Clean your bong || Popular bongs are usually made of glass, silicone and plastic

  • Clean your Plastic bongs : We highly  recommend cleaning your plastic bong regularly as it is one of the hardest bongs to maintain.Of course , it’s harder to break but you need to clean it regularly to keep it clean. Thus, it is considered one of the cheapest bongs in the Australian market.
  • Clean your  Glass Bongs:In short , the glass bongs are the best to smoke out of and they are plenty of brushes and solution at bong mania you can use. No need to worry !
  • Clean your  Silicone Bongs :Surprisingly , Silicone bongs are the easiest to clean , you simply need to wash it with soapy water ,put it in a bag and leave it in the freezer for around 15 minutes and then crack all the resin and residue out.