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Bong Sizes

Should you buy  small bongs or large bongs ?


First of all, we must say some stoners/smokers argue that small bongs are better than large bongs  because they are portable and easier to travel with.

On the other hand , a lot of stoners prefer large bongs and believe they are are better because they offer larger hits with smoother smoking experience and less harshness.

In fact, each size has its pros and cons. Firstly, small ones are surely considered portable and great for camping and travels.However, small bongs can be really harsh on the throat if you pull hard. I would say they are the perfect option for stoners who pack less and pull less.

On the flip side,if you don’t worry about the size and you have the room for the bong ,then a large bong might not be a bad decision.In fact, large bongs are smoother on the throat and the smoke from your hit would be much cooler  since it takes time to cool down before reaching your lungs. However,the downside of a large bong is that you will need “fresh lungs” to pull and burn the herbs evenly.

In conclusion , I should point at few important tips that will definitely help before buying a new bong.

  • Filters : The most popular filters are tree percs.They catch all small particles and break down the smoke. In fact, it would be ideal to buy  a small waterpipe with a filter.
  • Shape: Beaker ,straight or round are the most popular bong shapes in the world.Always consider buying a bong that is fairly easy to clean.
  • Durability: You might have to pay more but a thick glass bong would be definitely worth every dollar spent. After all , you want a bong you can enjoy and can last for a long time.

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