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Bong filter types

Bong filtration methods and types

First of all , Bong filters are very important in achieving the ultimate smoking experience.In fact , their main role is to break down the smoke and allow you to enjoy cleaner ,smoother and cooler hits.

Let’s kick off with a list of the most popular  bong filters in the world :

  • Tree Peculators:  are built in within the  the bong tube , if you look closely , you will find  a collection of rods that look like tree limbs. All tree limbs come with splits to allow a lot diffusion and filtration.
  • Inline Percolators:Inline percolators are horizontal tubes with lots of slits in themThey usually come with a lot of slits for better diffusion ,and they are recommended for dabs.


  • Honeycomb Percolators: The design of honeycomb percs fit perfectly in the bong tube. The round discs with small holes diffuses  the smoke. In fact, it’s done without slowing down the smoking experience.


  • Matrix Percolators: They are usually located in the center, and they stand out !!! . A matrix percolator operates like  shower-head Percolators.Their slits are usually located on the sides and they let catch the small particles without interrupting the flow.
  • Shower-head Percolators:They use a tube to connect to the main chamber and bring smoke back through the larger tube.This process cools down the smoke before inhaling.

  • Spiral Percolators: This feature brings the smoke through a spiral tube and cools down the smoke in the process.It is considered the best looking filter on a bong.

  • Ice Catchers: A very simple feature yet very essential and effective. They are usually bumps in the bong tube and their role is to hold ice cubes.You can simply place ice cubes before you take the first drag and the ice catchers will definitely cool down the smoke.

In short , bong filters are essential to enjoy a decent bong hit , you can check out Bong mania’s range here